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Hair Fall Treatment

Take charge of your hair's health with our advanced hair fall treatments. Harness the power of cutting-edge science to revitalize your scalp, stimulate growth, and restore your hair's natural vibrancy. Because every strand matters to us as much as it does to you.

Hair Roots Strengthening treatment is performed by skilled professionals. It involves the use of micro injections to deliver a specialized blend of vitamins and nutrients that promote hair health and growth. The composition of this medicinal concoction is determined by the doctor based on the specific issue at hand.

Hair Growth treatment is a sophisticated approach for treating pattern baldness, thinning hair, or a receding hairline, yielding impressive natural hair regrowth outcomes.

Recover your lost hair and diminish hair fall! The GFC (Growth Factor Concentrate) hair loss therapy can enhance hair density, fortify the hair structure, and encourage hair growth. Utilizing the activated growth factors from your own blood platelets, GFC triggers the growth phase in hair roots that are compromised by hormonal issues.

Why Choose Dr. Mohana's Skin Hair & Laser Center?

At Dr. Mohana’s Skin, Hair & Laser Center, we pride ourselves on providing top-class facilities and patient-friendly care, making aesthetic treatments accessible to all. With a legacy of 15+ years and an unmatched success rate, we proudly stand as a leading clinic in skin treatment, hair transplant, and Laser treatment, providing life-changing results. We always deliver excellent Hair Transplantation services to our patients.


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Meet our Doctor

Dr. Deepak Mohana

MBBS, MD (Skin), F.A.A.D (America)
PGDHA (New Delhi)
Head Doctor, Dermatologist, Cosmetologist &
Hair Transplant Surgeon


Dr. Mohana’s Skin, Hair & Laser Center is founded by renowned expert Dr. Deepak Mohana, a Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, and Hair Transplant Surgeon. With cutting-edge Hair Transplant procedures and advanced Skin treatments, his approach leaves patients with renewed vitality and flawless skin.

Why Avail Our Hair Fall Treatment Services?

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Non-Surgical Methods Of Treating Hair Fall Issues

Hair Root Strengthening Treatment

Hair Growth Treatment


Our Results Speak For Itself

How Hair Transplantation Is Done?

Design Phase

Local Anesthesia

Harvest from Donor Area



Client reviews and feedbacks

"I was suffering from Acne from last 1-2 years but after visiting Dr.Deepak Mohana’s clinic I just came out with the treatment results within 1 month."
Sachin Mer
"I was suffering from Acne from last 1-2 years but after visiting Dr.Deepak Mohana’s clinic I just came out with the treatment results within 1 month."
Sachin Mer