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Thread Facelift

A thread facelift is a safe, convenient alternative to traditional facelift surgery. Designed to be less invasive, it can reduce sagging around the cheeks, jawline, and neck more quickly and with less risk than the conventional approach.

How do you inject them into the skin, what are the results, and are they permanent?

We inject with a specially designed gun. We can customize the depth, control, and speed directly into the dermis and it is completely painless.
Visible results are increased glow, hydration, and elasticity. We suggest three sessions one month apart to begin with, and then customize the follow-up treatments depending on the patient.
The results are not permanent but it nourishes skin to feed its own rejuvenation.

About Chemical Peeling/Skin Rejuvenation

This simple technique involves a solution applied to the skin to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the production of new skin cells. It tightens the skin, reduces wrinkling and restores a more youthful appearance.

What exactly is sugar threading?

This is a natural thread that melts three to four weeks after the procedure. It can be inserted into any area or region of the body that has problems with sagging—most commonly in the neck, chin, and jawline. It helps to create fibrous tissue and to stimulate new skin tissue. The treatment itself is not mine but I've customized this particular method.

How long does it last and what are the side effects?

The improvement will last two years. After the first treatment, patients should expect to see a 50% improvement. I can do a follow up treatment six months later for another 20-30% improvement. All my patients are delighted with the results from the first treatment, which they typically see after a month, once the threads have melted and the new skin cells and tissues are born. There are no side effects. Down time is minimal—there can be slight bruising for a few days, but nothing that cannot be hidden with some makeup or a scarf.

On average, how long does it take and how many threads do you use in a typical face?

It usually takes 30 minutes. I tend to use 5-10 threads (subject to area) per treatment. They are painless and straightforward to put in.

What are the most common requests?

This treatments targets areas of the body where skin sags. This includes; face, neck, arms, breast, legs and knees.

Is it permanent?

Nothing is permanent! Not even a traditional face-lift (for which there is a considerable recovery time and the threat of more potential complications) lasts longer than five to seven years. Continued aging is inevitable and sagging re-occurs. The average face-lift surgeon is all too aware that the jowls, marionette lines, and nasolabial lines can all re-occur within a year to 18 months after traditional face-lift surgery. The Woffles Lift can create significant lifting for between one to five years, depending on the patient's own rate of aging and activity profile. The average longevity is approximately two years. When sagging does re-occur, it is a simple matter to repeat the procedure with any number of desired threads, again with no cutting, no delimitation, and minimal downtime. We have noticed that with repeated procedures, the result becomes more stable and lasts longer and longer

Is it safe?

It is very safe. The worst thing that can happen during the procedure is temporary bleeding, but with compression and tamponade, this will stop within several minutes and the procedure can be continued. Post-operatively, there is a very small risk of thread infection or granuloma formation but if proper surgical sterility is followed, these risks are very low. Thread rupture and extrusion can also occur, but these are considered minor complications and they are easily corrected.

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